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AtemEnergia s.r.l.

AtemEnergia Srl is a spin-off of University of Padua.

AtemEnergia has a research agreement with the Department of Physics of University of Padua.

AtemEnergia’s goals are the development of advanced technologies for the exploitation of renewable energies, particularly concentrated solar photovoltaic (CPV), and other types of advanced technologies.

The experience of the proponents comes from various fields of experimental physics, accredited to national research centers (National Institute of Nuclear Physics: Padua, Legnaro, Gran Sasso, Center for Studies and Research E. Fermi), and international such as CERN (Geneva) and Fermilab (USA).

These experiences have allowed proposers to acquire different skills, the most important of which for industrial applications are:
  • Imaging and non-imaging optics;
  • Solid state detectors;
  • Electronics;
  • Precision mechanics.

High-tech industries, automotive and household appliances, and other professional figures with proven experience in the field of research are partners in the company structure.
AtemEnergia is born from the synergy between the research funded by the E. Fermi Research Center in Rome, the Veneto Region, through the Photovoltaic Pole of the University of Padua, and the technology of Unitek S.r.l.
Research, Technology, Knowledge and Professional skill enable Unitek srl to be a leading company in the design and manufacture of plastics moulds in the automotive sector, in particular in the field of high-precision mechanics and mechanical components. The mathematical geometries and mathematical models of plastic details are realized through studies, design and structural testing using the most advanced software. Since 2009, Unitek is among the CERN suppliers for Lhc. Unitek is ISO 9001: 2008 certified.

The core business is developed around injection moulding of mass thermoplastics and technopolymer, which is accompanied by numerous technological processes to ensure complete customisation of the product to customer specifications. Unica MMP s.r.l. is integrated manufacturer, ISO 9001: 2008 certified, for national and internationally important industry groups such as Electrolux Home Products, De Longhi Appliances, BDR Thermea and Siemens Switzerland Ltd. The company has an advanced production system equipped with advanced machineries that allow for the production of multi-material products, and a software park that allows programming and real-time monitoring of production to ensure maximum flexibility in the availability and delivery of the product.
The TwinFocus® modules were implemented with the co-financing of the Veneto Region through the Lr, 18.05.2007, no. 9 and Lr, 04.04.2003, n.8

AtemEnergia will get ISO certification very soon.
Via Padania 19
+39 0438 1918107 (San Vendemiano)
+39 049 8277056 (UNIPD)
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