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Concentrated PhotoVoltaic


High efficiency photovoltaic concentrator:

The research work conducted by AtemEnergia for the concentrator photovoltaic technology (CPV) led to the realisation of the CPV system named TwinFocus®.

TwinFocus® adopts an optical system coupled with triple junction (3J) solar cells which:
    • Produces more energy
      • 3J solar cells have a 44% efficiency, more than double than standard silicon ones
      • The rotating structure of the system provides maximum light gathering throughout the day (+25% with respect to a fixed installation of same nominal power)

    • Is more eco friendly
      • Silicon is not recycled and decommission is an open problem for standard installations
      • TwinFocus presents, instead of the usual silicon surfaces, curved optical surfaces made of polycarbonate, aluminium, glass. All of them are recyclable materials
      • Curved surfaces allow for high concentration on small areas, reducing the quantity of non-recyclable materials 760 times

    • Occupies less space
      • Thanks to its greater efficiency, a TwinFocus installation is smaller and produces more energy than a traditional one with the same nominal power.
      • The system, mounted on a pole support, allows for a double use of the ground, leaving the area underneath free for farming, agriculture, parking.
Two elements of concentrating mirrors.
Dimensions are 405x290x160mm
A quasi-parabolic primary mirror and a silica light guiding secondary optic provide optical concentration.

Our CPV modules are light and compact, with limited thickness.

The adopted technology for optics production derives from Automotive Lighting:
    • Mature and reliable
    • Cheap
    • Eco friendly
    • Based on recycled/recyclable materials: polycarbonate, aluminium, glass and steel
The system adopts 3J solar cells with great spectral sensitivity, able to withstand high concentration and high operating temperatures.
Passive aluminum heat sinks take care of thermal dissipation, acting also as structural elements.

CPV modules reach optimal performances with high direct normal irradiation (DNI) and solar tracking. The system complies IEC62108 regulation.
Modules are mounted on a bi-axial tracker with two position controls (astronomic and optical feedback).
Pole installation allows for double use of the ground (energy/farming, energy/parking, etc.) with CSOC nominal power up to 5 kWp.
Land occupancy: traditional silicon PV, versus TwinFocus® CPV
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