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Atem, even Atum or Atoum, according to the mythology of ancient Egypt, was the creator god of Heliopolis.
AtemEnergia Srl is a recognized spin-off of the University of Padua that has a cooperation agreement with the Department of Physics of the same University.
Proponents' experience comes from various fields of experimental physics, accredited to national research centers (Nuclear Physics National Institute, E. Fermi Research Center, Rome) and international such as CERN (Geneva) and Fermilab (USA).
Company shareholders:
  • Prof Sandro Centro, President.
  • Unitek srl, leading company in the design and production of moulds for plastics.
  • UNICA Technologies & Innovations srl, dedicated to the development of new innovative projects in the field of renewable energies.
Concentrated PhotoVoltaic (CPV)

TwinFocus®: high efficiency, high concentration CPV system


Technological transfer, technological and scientific advice in various fields

"Job pleasure adds perfection to our task"

Via Padania 19
+39 0438 1918107 (San Vendemiano)
+39 049 8277056 (UNIPD)

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